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AF@High-Purity GrapheneAF@High-Electrical Conductivity Graphene AF@Functionalized GrapheneAF@Graphene Dispersion and AF@Graphene Film on Copper Foil。



High-Purity Graphene (>99%,2-10μm,<3Layers)

Graphene (>98%,0.5-3μm,<10Layers,SSA:1000m2/g)

Nitrogen Doped Graphene(>98%,Thickness:1-3nm)

Graphene (>97%, Thickness:0.5-3.5nm)


High-Electrical Conductivity Graphene          

Purity:>98%,3μm,<3Layers,SSA:80m2/g, (3μm)

Purity: >98%,10μm,<3 Layers,SSA:110m2/g, (10μm)

Purity: >98%,50μm,<3 Layers,SSA:170m2/g, (50μm)



Graphene-OH:    (>98%,0.5-3μm,<10Layers)

Graphene-COOH: (>98%,0.5-3μm,<10Layers)

Graphene-NH2    (>98%,0.5-3μm,<10Layers)



Water Dispersion (0.5-3μm,<10Layers) (0.5g/100ml)

Aqueous Paste(0.5-3μm,<10Layers) (1.5g/100ml)

NMP Paste(0.5-3μm,<10Layers) (1.5g/100ml)


Graphene Film on Copper Foil

Size:1cm*1cm,Square Rsistance:700W/

Size:2cm*2cm,Square Rsistance:700W/

Size:5cm*5cm,Square Rsistance:700W/

Size:10cm*10cm,Square Rsistance:700W/

Size:10cm*15cm,Square Rsistance:700W/

Size:20cm*30cm,Square Rsistance:700W/


Graphene and Graphene  quantum dots


100nm Monolayer Graphene

Monolayer Graphene

Few layer Graphene


Graphene Conductive in Lithium Ion Batteries, <10Layers

Aqueous Graphene Paste in Lithium Ion Batteries, Graphene:5%


Small Size Graphene Oxide, 500nm

Few layer Graphene Oxide

<10layers Graphene Oxide


Monolayer Graphene Oxide

Monolayer Graphene Oxide Dispersion, content: 0.5wt%


Graphene quantum dots Dispersion, content: 2%

Graphene quantum dots Dispersion, content: 0.1%

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