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Graphene Oxide


Product Description: 
     Graphene oxide powder is formed from graphene oxide gel through the vacuum freezing & drying technology. Graphene oxide in freeze drying process will not lose surface oxygen group and the layers will not overlap. The dried powder is porous, like the sponge. Graphene oxide powder is dispersed quickly and completely in the water, and almost instantly restores its original gel character.

     AF@99%Graphene Oxide AF@97%Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide


Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide 1-2,(3μm)
Graphene Oxide 1-2,(10μm)
Graphene Oxide 1-2,(50μm)


Graphene Oxide Gel (3μm),1-8%
Graphene Oxide Gel (10μm),1-8%
Graphene Oxide Gel (50μm),1-8%



Graphene Oxide

>97%, Thickness:0.55-2nm,Size:2-10μm,1-5layers


Graphene Oxide Gel(content:1g/100ml,1-5layers)  


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