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Graphene Application




Product Name

Product Model


Graphene Application

Graphene Nanoplatelets





Nanoplatelets Paste


Graphene Nanoplatelets Aqueous Paste (content:5%)(>99%,<30Layes)


Graphene Nanoplatelets NMP Paste (content:5%)(>99%,<30Layes)


Graphene + White Carbon Black Composite
(Graphene content:5%,<3Layes,Volume Resistivity:<10Ω.cm)

Graphene + Carbon Black Composite
(Graphene content:20%,<3Layes,Volume Resistivity:<0.3Ω.cm)

Graphene +MWNT Composite
(Graphene content:10%,<3Layes,Volume Resistivity:<0.3Ω.cm)

Graphene Nanoplatelets + MWNT Composite Aqueous Paste

GNP+MWNT::4%+1%, Dispersant content: 1%


Graphene Nanoplatelets + MWNT Composite NMP Paste


GNP+MWNT::4%+1%, Dispersant content: 1%


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